Muslims Voice of America

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1. What is Muslim Voice of America?
Muslim Voice of America
is a muslim social networking website to promote peace and hormony between muslim and other communities. - Islam, Muslim, Breaking News, Articles, Insights, Promoting Peace and dialogue provides platform for breaking news/articles/insights to promote true spirit of Islam which is peace and hormony.



2. What you provide?

Our website provides:

- Breaking News and articles

- Political conversation

- Islam and Muslims

- Promoting True Spirit of Islam and Mulims (Peace and Hormony)

- Searchable Database for Mosque, Halal Foods

3. What is ISLAM?


  1. Islam means “submission to the will of God”. Islam teaches belief in only one God, the day of Judgement and individual accountability for actions. Islam greatly values peace.
  2. Muslim is the one who follows Islam. Muslims submit to the will of God and accept the Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him) as his last messenger.
  3. Muslims believe that Muhammed was a prophet and the last in a series of messengers of God, which include Abraham, Noah, Moses and jesus.
  4. The Qur'aan is the holy book of Islam. The Qur'aan instructs Muslims to respect other faiths and decrees that there is no compulsion in religion.
  5. Islam's basic teachings are after the worship of God, respect and care for parents, good neighboring, giving to the needy, poor and orphanage. Any act of goodness will elevate a Person closer to God.
  6. Jihad does not mean “Holy War”. Jihad mean to strive against evil inclinations within oneself, struggle to improve the quality of life in society and to stop injustice.

Islam is the second largest and the fastest growing religion in the United States. There are more than 1.2 billion Muslims around the world.